Who would you be tomorrow if you broke up with stress today?

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$147 Stress-Less Detox Program

• 21 individual trainings sent to your email inbox each day
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There’s a Better Way

Stress doesn’t have to rule your life and there is a different possibility available that is much greater than the stress you won’t let go of. What if all you require is some stress-less tools?

What if I told you in 21 days I could assist you in relieving the stress that’s taking over your joy?

That together we can soften those voices in your head and create a space for you to have more possibilities rather than problems.

Imagine if even in challenging times you could swim gracefully across the tide rather than sink to the bottom of the ocean or get caught up in the rip.

What changed?

I implemented tools and processes into my daily life just like the ones I used with Megan and I was able to go through a divorce and a division of assets without falling in a heap. I became a woman that could choose more joy, fulfilment and happiness in my life. I also created incredible relationships with people around me, including the one I have with my current partner as a result. But most of all the relationship that I have with myself is stronger than ever. I would love for you to have that stress-less life too.

Do You…

• Wake up with dread in the pit of your stomach?

• Over analyse and can’t get clarity?

• Feel overwhelmed & emotional?

• Find yourself losing it over the littlest things?

• Sleep way less than you would like because that monkey mind just won’t stop?

• Or sleep more as it is the only time you get some peace?

Stress can effect your choices, your body, your health, have an effect on your relationships and most of all your life.

This is exactly what happened to Megan. She encountered a stressful and emotional set back and she felt as if her life was turned upside down. She was tired, emotional and frustrated from going around in circles in her mind and literally not getting anywhere. For her it felt as if there was no reprieve and she was unable to get clarity.

During our session, I asked her some questions and shared with her some tools to break through the barrier that she had put up to being clear. Suddenly she was able to remove all of the heavy thoughts and process the information that was coming in, in totally different way.

The heaviness lifted in one session and the outcome was a piece of the puzzle for a new business venture she had not been willing to step into. This venture was then literally born over night. Check out Megan’s testimonial below.

Over 21 Days Receive & Learn…

• Tips that will stop you overthinking, over stressing and sapping the joy out of your life in your inbox each day.

• Tools for being the rock, even in times of struggle

• Ways of creating a different perspective when times get tough

• Energy exercises that you can use at anytime, even in an office environment

What if in 21 days you can have more of you and detox yourself from all of that stress that has been holding you captive?

This program will…

• Hone in on your own personal stress indicators

• Deliver step by step trainings so that you can implement easy and simple changes

• Begin to melt away and eliminate the stress that you are holding onto

They say it takes 21 days to break habit and I am here to support you in creating something new.

Let’s GO!

$347 VIP Stress-Less Detox Program

• 21 individual trainings sent to your email inbox each day
• 21 Day Stress Less E-Journal
• 3 X  pre-recorded group coaching calls

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$147 Stress-Less Detox Program

• 21 individual trainings sent to your email inbox each day
• 21 Day Stress Less E-Journal

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Thank you so much Danielle, what amazing magical ness you have brought into our lives.

I just finished watching my day 1 training- it was incredible I loved everything about it. I had goosebumps and a warm excited feeling in my stomach. I am very grateful thank you xxx

No words except WOW!

Wow we had our first email from the 21 days and I have to say, when I am really using the tools Danielle Tooley set for us, things are changing, this is huge... and yet so simple. Use the tools!

I am feeling excited and emotional at the thought of positive change. I am sitting in my sons bed because he is in a lot of pain from a tooth ache and I was watching it in his bed for a few minutes and I was about to leave mid way and he said to me “mummy don’t leave this video Is relaxing me” I was so surprised at his reaction. You are so awesome at what u do. I can’t wait for the next one ❤️

I have just spent the morning binge listening to all 20 calls again and it’s created a whole new energy for me. Today, the relationships video stood out and I had the awareness to do something more about Destroying & Uncreating more regularly than I am now. I always create more when I destroy relationships so what can I create if I do this more often? Such a great tool that I often forget to use. So today, I voice recorded every relationship I can destroy & uncreate so I can play it each night when I get into bed and I’ve set an alarm so I don’t forget.

WOW day 20 YouTube has so helped me get out of the crying. Felt like I didn’t have a choice. So started asking What choice do I have here? Then I realised I do have choice. Yes yes my cup is filling up again. So thank you so much for this 21 days stress less choice. 💕

Thanks Danielle. Magic is flowing from all directions. How Does It Get Better Than That?

You are awesome and so kind in your facilitation, that was so cool, Thank you!

My perception of my self has changed, I feel like my life plan has taken a turn and this week I couldn't give a sh$t about stuff I gave two sh$t's about before.

This heaviness that I had in my chest for months just disappeared and a lot more positive thoughts or being able to catch myself in negative ones and use one of the tools to rid it has been great.

Danielle is the CEO of Vitality & You, an energetic body magician, transformation coach, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, and a very proud mum of two beautiful beings. She has over 19 years experience in the wellness industry, has featured live on the Access Consciousness Voice America show and has worked with literally thousands of people to transform their lives, businesses, health, bodies, relationships. She uses unique and effective facilitation methods, that work with energy, the body and the mind. Danielle’s target is to allow space for you to get what is true and clear for you and to empower you to know what you know, so that you can have that phenomenal, stress-less life!

“I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you.”

If you have any questions please contact me.